Inexpensive Cast Iron Popcorn


My husband cannot watch a movie without popcorn.

Only one time in our relationship have I seen him turn down popcorn and that was because it was $20 (at Disney’s Frozen on Ice). We were the only adults there without children 

Point is- We eat popcorn a lot in the Fagan household! And microwavable popcorn can be expensive and unhealthy! 

After a string of interesting situations, I learned how to make the BEST movie theater popcorn for dirt cheap!

The apartment complex that we currently live in does not have a microwave and so therefore, microwavable popcorn is not an option!

Also, the popcorn machine we received as a wedding gift is defected and makes stale, burnt popcorn!

So after desperately searching the internet for some ideas, I found out how to make popcorn on a cast iron skillet! Even better- it tastes AMAZING. Icing on the cake? It cost about 15 cents a bowl! 


1/2 cup of popcorn kernels

1/4 cup of vegetable oil

Salt to Taste


Start by turning the stove to medium heat and pouring the vegetable oil over the skillet.

Next, pour the popcorn kernels into the skillet, making sure they are spread out evenly.

Wait for the first kernel to pop, and then place a lid on your skillet.

Wait about twenty seconds and remove the skillet from the stove eye. Your popcorn should be popping nicely now!

WAIT until the popcorn is done popping and transfer the popcorn into a bowl.

Add salt to taste and ENJOY!





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