Potty Train Your Pup in just 8 Weeks

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In March of this year, my husband and I became proud parents of an 11 week old mutt mixed breed puppy. While we’ve had lots of fun times with our puppy, we’ve learned that potty training a dog is NOT easy. However, we’ve really gone full force with it these past two months and we’ve come a long way!

1. Doggy Doorbell

Honestly, if you just read this one tip, I feel you’d be better off. We purchased a doggy doorbell on Amazon to train our dog to tell us when she needs to go potty. We hang it on the front door and it rings when touched.

At first, we would ring the bell when we would take her out on a schedule. Eventually she began to associate the ringing with outside/potty.

Now, she is able to walk up to it and nudge it with her nose, making it ring, and letting us know when she needs to go out!

Even better? Once we bought this, she learned how to operate it in about a week. Since we purchased it a month ago, her accidents have dropped by about 70%!

You can find one here:

Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 3.39.25 PM


2. Get The Expensive Dog Food

We found this out the hard way. We first bought Pedigree  dog food because it was cheap and we’re trying to save money.


After 3 days of eating the puppy mix, she had a major case of the runs. We’d clean up after her and by the time we finished scrubbing the carpet, she was pooping again in another corner. Back then, we blamed her and we kind of feel guilty about it now…But we didn’t realize it was the food!

We switched over to Purina One and it’s made a huge difference. Instead of pooping 12 times a day, it’s more like 3. That definitely breaks down the amount of times we need to take her outside!

You can find the dog food here:

Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 3.36.55 PM

3. Only Punish if You Catch Him/Her in the Act

Dogs are smart, but they’re not THAT smart. Furthermore, our dog really didn’t start making associations until around 4 months old. If you’re walking through your house, and find that your puppy had an accident, don’t pull them over and stick their nose in it and spank them. They won’t make the association.

However, if you see your puppy peeing/pooping on the floor, that’s your chance to break our your scary voice and go to town. Your dog will begin to associate using the bathroom inside with getting in trouble.

4. Dog Treats

On the opposite side, any time your puppy uses the bathroom outside, praise the heck out of them. Bring treats, get down on your knees and pet them with your puppy voice (you know what I’m talking about). Your dog will begin to associate using the bathroom outside with good things.

5. Language

Something else you need to do is be consistent with the bathroom language you use with your dog. Dogs know sit and shake, etc. They understand consistent, verbal commands. Likewise, you need to use the same language when taking your dog outside to use the bathroom. I say “Go Potty” every time I take her out. At the beginning, it made no difference. However, I kept up with it and now whenever I’m taking her out and she gets distracted or is wasting time, I say, “Go potty!” and that’s enough to kick her back into gear.


Hope these tips help! We’re on the tail end of potty training now. If you have any tips or tricks that you would like to share, please don’t hesitate!




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