7 Ways To Use Essential Oils


First off- let me begin by saying that I DO NOT sell essential oils. Essential oils are more of a hobby for me. My essential oils come from all over the place. I really like essential oils from Eden’s Garden, but I do buy some from TJmaxx and Ross, too! (Unfortunately, Eden’s Garden has raised their prices since they’ve become more popular 😦 so if you are going to get some, I recommend TJMaxx, unless it’s a unique oil that you can’t find anywhere else)

1. Boost Your Laundry

I know that you can go to any grocery store and buy extra scent boost for your clothes, but you don’t know what’s in those all the time. If you do buy an all natural one, chances are that you’re going to be paying a small fortune. I recommend adding a few drops of essential oils into your washing machine or dryer before you start your load.


2. Headache/Nausea

What do you do when you’ve knocked out the max dose of ibuprofen you can take and your headache is still lingering? What if you want a natural remedy? What if you’re carsick or motion sick? Put a few drops of peppermint essential oil on a cotton round and hold it under your nose. In a few minutes, you should start feeling a little better!


3. Diffuse

This one is obvious, but must still be mentioned. I love to diffuse my oils in my home. Some of my favorite combinations are listed below!



Orange and Lemon

Orange and Clove

Lavender and Lemon


Orange and Fir

Orange and Cinnamon

Lavender and Cedarwood

4. Spa Bath

What’s more relaxing than a hot bath after a long day? Adding essential oils to the tub!

I add a few drops of lavender, rosemary, or cedar wood to my baths for extra relaxation and a spa like experience!


5. Linen Spray

I love linen spray, but they are often pretty expensive! Below I will share my recipe for a DIY bottle of linen spray!


1/2 tsp of Rubbing Alcohol

10 drops of orange essential oil

5 drops of lemon essential oil

Fill up the rest of your bottle with water. Enjoy!

6. On the Go Relaxer

I just finished my first year of teaching and I kept a bottle of lavender essential oil in my teacher bag every day. Lavender essential oil is notorious for reducing anxiety and stress. It can also be applied topically without a carrier oil. When things got too much, I would apply it to my wrists and BREATHE.


7. DIY Sugar Scrub

These make awesome gifts around the holidays! They are super cheap and easy to make!



2TBSP of coconut oil

1/4 cup of sugar

five drops of essential oil of your choice (I used Fir Balsam here)

Add all the ingredients together, stir, and place in a cute mason jar! Mine smelled like Christmas, so I’m going to go watch ELF now! Hope you enjoyed these easy ways to use essential oils!



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