Lessons From The Blueberry Patch

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According to a recent poll on my twitter, many of my followers would like me to tell more stories and advice posts on my blog!

Well, have I got a story for you…

My husband brought up the great idea of going to a local farm to pick blueberries. The first thoughts in my head were not too far fetched (or so I thought) from reality.

I envisioned us, hand in hand, picking beautiful blueberries from bright green bushes. Smiles on our faces, blue stained hands that we would giggle about, and our minds would be filled with blueberries recipes we would try later…


Our experience was extremely different. I thought I would share some tips. Learn from our mistakes!

1. Wear long pants, bug spray, and sunscreen.

We wore shorts, flip flops, and left the sunscreen and bug spray at home. We live in the South, and I should have known better! After about 20 minutes, I was covered in bug bites and we were trekking through weeds, mud, and ant piles (not ideal while wearing flip-flops and shorts!).


Oh, and I was starting to get a sunburn…#redhead

2. Bring water

We went around 2 p.m. which is the WORST time to be outside on a hot, July, Carolina day. After we paid our ten dollars for a gallon bucket, we were committed. However, we didn’t bring any water with us and there was absolutely no shade. We spent over an hour out in the sun and we were both dripping sweat the whole time! And I had just straightened and washed my hair blahhhh 

3. Don’t wear sunglasses

I thought since it was so sunny and hot outside that I would bring and wear my sunglasses. Unfortunately, sunglasses change the color of what you see….


Needless to say, I accidentally picked quite a few berries that weren’t ready to be picked yet because they appeared to be blue in the hue of my sunglasses.

Oh well.

At least we didn’t bring the dog!

For some better date ideas, I recommend these


Anyway, I hope you learned some lessons from my exhausting and stressful day at the blueberry patch!


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