5 Vintage Tips for the Modern Bride

Hey everyone! Today I have the privilege of hosting a wonderful post from my friends over at SincerelyDorisJane.com. I hope you enjoy!!



    Hi everyone! We are so excited to be guests of Ms. Emily and This Wifestyle!

A little bit about us, we are sisters from Ohio, the co-authors of SincerelyDorisJane.com and a couple of old souls. Our blog is a little bit of everything, but our main mission is to bring back some of the lifestyles and traditions of our grandparents generation. Things like decorating with family heirlooms, embracing from-scratch cooking and finding joy and satisfaction in the simple pleasures life has to offer. We hope you’ll check us out!

Our guess is you’ve likely landed on this post because you’re at the height of planning your own wedding. We’ve teamed up with Emily to bring you 5 vintage tips for the modern bride. Not necessarily a what dress to wear, which flowers are most popular, or which Pinterest trends to avoid, but more of inspiration on how to bring this crazy wedding industry back down to Earth. Because we all know it’s gone a bit off the rails, right? 2017’s average wedding topped $35,000!

Don’t let the wedding overtake the marriage.

It’s easy to get carried away with details, deadlines and demands when planning your wedding. You start paging through magazines and Instagram accounts and can quickly lose sight of the reason for “The Big Day” itself, but it’s more than just a party. Take a few minutes throughout the planning and throughout your wedding day to connect with your soon-to-be or brand new husband. Choose your battles when it comes to wedding details and let your hubby know that the day is about both of you … not just yourdress, yourshoes, yourflowers, yourhair.



Mind your manners.

Be mindful of the people who love you. Wedding planning can easily turn a beaming bride into a fire breathing dragon. Choose your battles, cooperate and compromise when necessary. Try to visit with each guest whether that’s by going table to table or via a receiving line during the cocktail hour.  Dance with your dad (or whoever it is that’s been writing check after check after check.) a few times throughout the night.

Say thank you. Send thank yous. Say thank you again.


Pay special attention to your older guests.

E-mail thank yous, digital RSVP’s and online-only registries may be the way of the future, but your older guests shouldn’t need an IT team to attend your reception. Speaking of your reception, talk to your DJ ahead of time to pick out tried and true crowd favorites to get everyone on the dance floor no matter their age.  If you’re lucky enough to have your grandfather(s) at your wedding, save a special dance for them. Pick a song together or choose a favorite from when they were younger.

Embrace the “Something Old”

Times may be changing when it comes to wedding planning but there’s something sweet and unique about embracing the way things used to be. Even if you’re a trendy bride – don’t underestimate the statement made by classic, feminine details, especially if they really are “something old.” Wear your grandma’s dress or your mother’s pearls. Scour your local antique store for understated jewelry that will complement your dress and your own personal style.  While you’re there, track down an antique champagne flute to carry with you all night. Pour whatever you’re drinking into a flute rather than a plastic cup or can. We promise you’ll thank us when you get those reception photos back from your photographer.


Be your own bride.

If social media or your favorite Pinterest boards have you feeling like your wedding plans are inadequate, log off and take a break. Have the courage to do things your way. Don’t do away with old-timey traditions like tossing the bouquet or cutting the cake if they’re important to you. Let your wedding day be a reflection of yourself and your fiancé, your families and your personality.


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