Prayer Requests-2

Hey y’all!

I’m excited to announce a new feature that I am adding to This Wifestyle! *dromroll*

I’ve added a special page just for prayer requests of the This Wifestyle community!

You can find that page here or in the navigation menu!

I just think that it is so important to encourage each other and build each other up. That has been one of the backbones of This Wifestyle since the beginning, and I want to continue to expand this vision of love and support!

I want to give you access to encourage some one else by going to the prayer request page and praying over other people in this community.

I also want to give you a place where you can drop your request and not just feel, but KNOW that you are being heard.

I am so excited for this new feature of This Wifestyle! I hope that we can all just be nice and encourage each other through prayer and loving one another the way that Christ loves us!

All the rules to post are located on the page, so please read them before posting!


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