Fall Bucket List 2018

Hello everyone!

Today I decided to jump on the band wagon and make a fall bucket list for 2018!

Fall is my favorite time of year and I am already super excited about the fact that it was in the low 80s today (instead of mid 90s).

Last year was my first fall season married, and my husband and I were able to do a lot of fun things! We carved pumpkins (my husband had NEVER carved one before!), went to a corn maze, cooked pumpkin seeds, and watched a football game. I had so much fun doing those things that I decided to put them back on the list for 2018!

This year, I’ve added a few more things to this list. We moved over the summer to a mountainous region of the state, and so the opportunity to explore and enjoy the fall weather is too great to pass!

I remember two years ago, my friends and I spent a weekend up in the area we live in now. It was the last weekend in October and the weekend that I got engaged! We were making the two hour drive from our college town to this new location and after rolling the windows down, realized that it felt AMAZING outside! (Seriously like the low 50s!) This is the first year that I will be living in this area during the fall and winter, and I AM SO PUMPED YOU GUYS.

I present to you my fall bucket list for 2018!


So tell me- Is there anything on this list that you want to do, too? Have you done any of these yet/are you planning to do any of these activities? So far, my husband and I went to  Charlotte to see my brother play football for the 49s. That is one item off the list! A recent trip to TJMAXX has inspired me to go through my clothes and sell some on Postmark to make room for new items. I predict that this will be my next item to be crossed off!


Please share your ideas below! Maybe you have an idea that I can add to my list!



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