Raw Honesty

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I started this blog just about 6 months ago. It was on a lazy afternoon and I was so excited to embark on this creative writing journey. It was quite refreshing to come home from a job where I felt like I had zero control, and sit at my computer and be able to control every aspect of the This Wifestyle. I had a vision and found myself quite eager to write and brainstorm ideas. Every month, my monthly views grew and more people seemed to appreciate the posts I was making. It fueled me and was the backbone of most of my inspiration.

And then October began…

Y’all. If I’m being honest, I have not had any interest in this blog this month. I know it probably shows in the lack of blog posts that I have made.

I’m in this spot where I just don’t see a point in it. Why spend an hour of my day working on my blog just to spend another few hours trying to share it just so people will read it? A few months ago, it seemed like it was worth it. Now, it seems silly. Does any one else feel that way?

It’s funny because I love reading other people’s blogs! I like the inspiration and updates my fellow bloggers share…but when it comes to my blog, it just seems worthless.

Maybe I thought that I would be further than I am at this point. Maybe I thought I would have massive growth month after month. Maybe I thought my photographs would look better and that this thing would really take off. I don’t know!

So, here I am…I always want to be honest on this blog and I want to share how I’ve been feeling this month.

I’m wondering if maybe I need to find more things that I am passionate about to share on this blog…

What would you, my loyal followers, like to read more about? I’ve listed some ideas below. PLEASE share your interests so that I might gain a new spark of inspiration!

-Homeschool life

-College life

-Dating Life

-Christian Life

-Teacher life (and why I quit)

-Married Life

-Puppy Mom Life

-Seasonal (fall and winter recipes, crafts, decor, etc)

-Tips and Tricks

-Favorite products


-Life as a Law Enforcement Officer’s Wife

-Guest posts? (hit me up if you’re interested!)

Thanks for reading this super boring post. I know it’s not exciting and I’m honestly impressed if any of you made it this far. Has anyone else felt like this? Totally uninspired?

Anyway, it was in the 50’s here in SC, so that’s awesome!


11 thoughts on “Raw Honesty

  1. I love reading your blogs! I especially enjoy your articles on Christian living, seasonal themes and law enforcement family life. But I am all about doing what makes you happy! So I suggest only writing when you feel inspired to write. Thanks for sharing. โ˜บ


  2. Thanks for your honesty and I have loved reading your blog!! You should keep the list that you made up there and do all of them!! You could make them into series and I am always open for guest posting!! YOU GOT THIS!!

    Liked by 1 person

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