Sunny Days and Etsy Launch

Wow! I cannot believe that the first week of 2019 flew by so quickly. Seems like just yesterday we were ringing in the new year and I shared my word of 2018.

I’ve really enjoyed 2019 so far, mostly due to the three days of sunny, warm weather we have been given after weeks of it being cold, rainy and gross!

This past weekend we explored the northern part of our new city for the first time and found some really cute restaurants and shops! We walked along a part of the 22 mile trail that runs through this part of the state and enjoyed the smells of the food and even found a little bee store where they sell local honey and beehive equipment!

The weather was so perfect. We found a little swinging bench and took in the fresh air and people watched! (Featuring my new retro sunglasses). Baby Fagan enjoyed the exercise and was kicking like crazy!

Speaking of Baby Fagan, I’ve created an Etsy store that features some baby hair bows I’ve made for the little girl we are expecting at the end of Spring!

I’m so excited to launch this store LittleBowPeepsB!

My husband came up with the name and gave me some ideas for the logo!

This all started because I was bored one weekend while my husband was at work and thought I might play around with some different materials and make some hair bows for my little one. I just loved how they turned out! I decided to make this Etsy store for anyone else who was interested in the bows as well!

Here is a sample picture of the headbands. I’m currently experimenting with different packaging and colors, so make sure you keep stopping by my store!

I hope your 2019 is as sunny as mine has been! Let me know what you’ve been up to! Also, let me know if you’d like me to make some more videos on my YouTube channel!

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