Can you believe that it is February? Wasn’t it just Christmas?? I always forget how quickly the first few months of the new year fly by.  Does anybody else feel that way, too?

You read the title correctly! When I filmed this video, I was 20 weeks pregnant. Because it took me so long to upload the video, some time has passed. I am currently in week 22 of pregnancy now. If you haven’t checked out my blog posts on this pregnancy, please do so to catch up!

Thoughts on Pregnancy

Life Update

I have a few more blog posts in my Countdown To Baby series, so make sure you follow my blog or have added yourself to my email list so that you don’t miss a single post!

Today I am bringing you a baby item haul via YouTube! It was a lot easier for me to videotape the items we have for Baby Fagan than it would have been for me to take a picture of everything and write a description. A few people also told me that they wanted to see more YouTube videos in general, so here you go! Make sure you subscribe to my Youtube Channel because I will probably be adding a lot more videos to that in the future! I have 36 subscribers so far. Can we get to 40?! That would make my day!

Everything you need to know about this baby item haul is mentioned in the video, so grab a snack or some coffee (enjoy that caffeine for me, mmmkay?) and let’s get started!

*The volume is a little weird in this video, so I apologize if it gets too quiet in some parts!

Thanks for watching! Come back next week for the story of how my husband proposed when we were in college!



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