Mountain Top Proposal

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Today we continue the different series that I have been alternating between. If you haven’t checked out my recent posts, you can read how we started dating  and catch up on my baby item haul! As the title of this post hints, I will be sharing my engagement story with you today! Make sure you’ve at least read the dating post so that you are caught up! I also have a post on how we met here.

So fast forward about two and a half years from when we began dating, and we find ourselves at the start of our senior year in 2016. Tyler and I had spent the whole summer long distance while he was in South Korea and Ft. Knox, and he told me when he came back to put the idea that he was going to propose soon in my head (try not to go crazy after being told that, right??). I spent that fall wondering when it would happen and searching for any hints I could find! (spoiler alert, I had no idea)

My roommate at the time came to me one day at the beginning of October and suggested that our friend group take a trip up to Black Mountain, NC for the weekend to stay at her (soon to be) boyfriend’s family cabin. We were able to work it out and planned for the weekend of Oct 22nd. As the weekend approached, I began to wonder if Tyler would propose. I had a friend help me pack a cute outfit and borrowed some nail polish. I think I even texted my mom and told her that I thought it was going to happen!


We arrived on Friday night and went to a local pizza restaurant. That night we played a few games and all went to bed. The next morning at breakfast, my friends suggested that we go shopping downtown and maybe go for a hike later. Everyone was being SO normal and relaxed the whole day that I began to lose hope. I became a little disappointed and texted my mom back telling her that it definitely wasn’t happening this weekend because everyone was so nonchalant! I put my hopes aside and still had an awesome time shopping!

It was about two o’clock in the afternoon when we headed towards the hiking trail. We joked around and enjoyed the nature around us until we got to the top. Once we got to the top, things started to get weird. Tyler was being a lot more touchy-feely than normal, and seemed to be a little sentimental. He asked me to come check out a lower part of the mountain with him (it was at this point that I realized it might be happening).

I saw one of my friends go and hide in a bush further down and I knew that I was about to be proposed to!

Tyler wrapped his arm around me and gave a five minute speech about our relationship- the highs and the lows, and everything in between. We gazed at the mountainous landscape and I hung on every word he said. Eventually, he ended his monologue and said, “I think you know what’s happening now” as he got down on one knee. Yes, this picture was taken by my friend in the bush!


At this moment he asked me to be his wife!


My closest friends were there to cheer us on and take a bunch of pictures! It was honestly the best proposal I could have asked for!


Once we arrived back at the cabin, we had homemade chicken noodle soup and apple cobbler! We spent the evening laughing, telling stories, and calling loved ones. I will forever cherish that weekend in my heart!

How would you like to be proposed to? What was your proposal like? Please share in the comments below!


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