Day 10: Easiest Person to Shop For

I can't think of any particular person that is easiest to shop for, but I do know that shopping for other women is WAY easier than shopping for men. Pretty much all women like jewelry, bath stuff, makeup stuff, or fuzzy socks!  


Day 9: Christmas Dinner Plans

I love holiday meals. Not only does it feel wonderful to have family around the table, but the food is usually pretty awesome! In the past, Christmas dinner has always looked a lot like Thanksgiving. The same kind of foods are usually served except the turkey is switched out with a ham. Growing up, we… Continue reading Day 9: Christmas Dinner Plans


Day 8: Favorite Christmas Tradition

Christmas Traditions are one of the reasons Christmas is so special! Families can come together and enjoy the season in their favorite ways, cherishing the parts of the holiday that they enjoy every year. I've enjoyed many Christmas traditions over the years. With my parents, brothers and sister, I always enjoyed the little things we… Continue reading Day 8: Favorite Christmas Tradition


Day 7: Favorite Christmas Story

I love a good Christmas story. Whether it is the story of the birth of Jesus, the Night Before Christmas, or the Christmas Carol...Christmas wouldn't be the same without these festive stories. My favorite Christmas story is not the most well-known holiday story around, but I think it does a wonderful job of capturing the… Continue reading Day 7: Favorite Christmas Story

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I love Christmas movies and I'm pretty sure I've seen almost all of them (including the cheesy ones on Netflix!). Growing up my whole family was obsessed with Christmas Vacation and when I met my husband I quickly learned that The Santa Clause was his favorite! Over the years I've tried to figure out what… Continue reading DAY 6: FAVORITE CHRISTMAS MOVIE