Raw Honesty

I started this blog just about 6 months ago. It was on a lazy afternoon and I was so excited to embark on this creative writing journey. It was quite refreshing to come home from a job where I felt like I had zero control, and sit at my computer and be able to control … More Raw Honesty


Hey y’all! I’m excited to announce a new feature that I am adding to This Wifestyle! *dromroll* I’ve added a special page just for prayer requests of the This Wifestyle community! You can find that page here or in the navigation menu! I just think that it is so important to encourage each other and … More NEW BLOG FEATURE

Buying Mrs. Meyers At A Fraction Of The Cost

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links for Amazon.com Chances are you’ve dabbled in Grove Collaborative and purchased some Mrs. Meyers household products to see what the fuss is all about (if you haven’t you totally should). Grove Collaborative is known for their natural household products. These products are made with essential oils, natural ingredients, and … More Buying Mrs. Meyers At A Fraction Of The Cost