Emily Fagan


Hey friends!

My name is Emily Fagan. I started this blogging adventure in 2018 to meet new people, be creative, and share my thoughts as I stumble through adulthood!

First and foremost, I am a Christian and take my faith very seriously. I always try to share God’s love through anything I share! I am married to my best friend, Tyler. We are a blue line family. I am a former teacher. I am a puppy momma to Bailey, an American Bullweiler (look it up). I am expecting my first child (a little girl!) in June 2019. I also provide virtual assistant/freelance services!

I am so grateful that you have taken time out of your day to check out my blog and support me with your encouragement and love! I would really appreciate it if you would follow This Wifestyle, subscribe to my YouTube channel and join me for weekly updates and fun posts as I navigate this crazy life!

-Emily Fagan